Blog Posts of the Week 2015-03-21

Apologies for the hiatus, things have been a little busy at home and work so sadly the blog has taken a back seat, with that there is a big old list of great posts that have been collected up.

Tech Posts

Using #Powershell to Measure SQL Transactions
5 Definitions of #DevOps
SQL SERVER – The Basics of the File System Task, Part 1 – Notes from the Field #071 (Added to SQL Server Integration Services Curah)
BIML – What is it? (Added to SQL Server Integration Services Curah)
How to get ETL Horribly Wrong (Added to SQL Server Integration Services Curah)
SSISDB: Why bigger isn’t always better (Added to SQL Server Integration Services Curah)
Building Availability Groups with #Powershell
Does rebuild index update statistics?
Use PowerShell to Create ZIP Archive of Folder
SQL Server DML Triggers – Tips & Tricks – Part 2 (“Thought to work on multiple rows”)
Suggest Compression Strategies for Tables and Indexes
Running PowerShell in a SQL Agent Job
Bike Tour Business Intelligence: Part 4 [Populating a staging table]
Avoid Scripting: Use PowerShell Command History
No Such Thing as a DevOps DBA
Parsing SQL Saturday Data – Getting Titles from the XML document
The SQL Sentry forum for SQL Statement Tuning
#Powershell and Automating SQL Server Builds-Part 2
Using sp_DBPermissions and sp_SrvPermissions v6.0
SQL Server 2014 Incremental Statistics
Are “bad” statistics the reason my query is slow?
Parallelism Strategy and Comments 2010-10?
Queries barely over the Cost Threshold for Parallelism
Tuning ‘cost threshold for parallelism’ from the Plan Cache
Using Extended Events to Monitor SQL Server Availability Groups
The 3 Configuration Options that you always have to change in SQL Server!
Response to “SSDT limitations”
Reviewing Logical Hard Drive details using T-SQL and OLE Automation Procedures
Change to DSC Resource Kit release strategy
The SQL Server Query Store
Powershell Quick Parameters for Scripts
Must See Free Video for Accidental DBA’s
Tip: Finding Unused Indexes
Avoid a big SSISDB by logging less…? (Added to SQL Server Integration Services Curah)
Using Policy Based Management for SQL Server Availability Groups Data Loss Alerts
Does Transactional Replication Include Structural Changes Made to a Database
Create an AlwaysOn Availability Group with PowerShell
Frequently used knobs to tune a busy SQL Server
The Hard Truth About Patching SQL Server Availability Groups (Hotfixes, Cumulative Updates, and Service Packs)
Dealing with layered function calls
#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up PowerShell DSC with Steven Murawski (@StevenMurawski)
Tip # 4 – Not having a Baseline
A Practical View of Release Management for Visual Studio 2013
Modern Application Lifecycle Management
PowerShell Desired State Configuration and DevOps in Microsoft Azure
#ChefConf 2014: Adam Edwards, “PowerChef – Enhanced PowerShell Integration for Chef Recipes”
Seattle Chef Meetup 7/15/14: Chef and Microsoft’s Desired State Configuration (DSC)

Other Interesting Posts

Consistency and Trust
Rethinking office space
Dealing with Angry People – Tech Talk
Business Analysis
10 Things I Learned From People Who Drive Me Nuts
Should You Devote One Day Per Month to Innovation?
Jim Benson Interview Transcript (WHY LIMIT WIP)
Why Lean Methodology Fails : All Planning and No Execution
Late Start = Late Finish
On the Current State of Microsoft

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