Blog Posts of the Week 2015-01-31

Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Database ownership and TRUSTWORTHY
Troubleshooting Memory Issues with Reporting Services
Questions AboutT-SQL Control-of-Flow Language You Were Too Shy to Ask
Active sessions and block duration
The benefits of Visual Studio Online for the Enterprise
Why I write horrible code. (And so can you!)
Working with Dates in PowerShell

Other Interesting Posts

6 Hours of Fishys!
The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind – A Book Review
Interpreting Communication
Restoring the model, msdb, and distribution Databases
accidentally dropped distribution database
The Best Essays I Read in 2014
The network effect
Risk, Process, and Balance

Upcoming Events

SQL Bits 2015!
UK SQL Server User Groups
UK SharePoint User Groups
UK Azure User Group
PowerShell User Groups