So a few weeks ago i posted by study guide that I was building up as I prepared for the Chef Basic Fluency Badge. Today I received an email from Chef letting me I had passed! (Ok last week! I’ve been busy in RL and didn’t have time to write this!).. I just made it to be honest getting 70% and the pass mark for the exam was 70%



Exam Thoughts

The exam was much harder than I expected. I thought it would be more of a “Do you know the terminology and how things link together” instead of things like “Do you know the syntax for completing task A or B” because of this the study guide i built up did not include much if any commands (I do have a set of Gists on Chef, but these were more for work where im lazy on remembering syntax for every program I work on.) Im sure anyone who has actually worked on Chef for 6 months or so, would have the basic understanding of the commands and be fine on that side of things.

Study Tips

Before I decided to take the exam my knowledge on Chef was very basic, I understand the idea of nodes and that recipes contained code (like DSC), I had seen some cookbook created at work, and even helped with supplying DSC and PowerShell commands for recipes, but I had never done an install of Chef, created by own cookbook or tried Chef Automate etc.

To study I worked on a couple of things:

  • Broke down the Chef exam guide into the Study guide. This was to make sure i understood all the parts of Chef ecosystem (Though im still slightly lost on Habitat) and the terminology.
  • Went through a lot of LearnChef you can see a pic of my profile below. This is an awesome resource for learning. as it gives you a tone of info broken down into small bite size chunks, but also gives you a lot of practical work to go through.


I also had the below resources but I didn’t use them much.

  • Udemy Chef Course I never got into as i preferred the Learn Chef courses. but i liked the trainer and the course is broken down nicely with little tests at the end of each.
  • Linux Academy has a few courses on Chef but I didn’t get into either of them.

To pass the exam I think the way I did things was good but I should have spent wayyy more time learning command line syntax and making sure I was more comfortable on the Chef commands to get an easy pass instead of just scrapping through by the skin of my teeth.


In order to complete the full Chef Developer Certification you need to pass a few more exams. These also include practicals, which has slightly put me off doing them for now, as I don’t use Chef that much and memorizing syntax fill me a lack of interest to be honest! If my new work has me working on it heavily i will definitely carry on and update you with any progress.