With SQL Server Management Studio now being a stand alone product, theres a lot of reason to be happy and get on the new SSMS train. Below are my top 3.

Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

New SQL Server PowerShell Objects

With SSMS 2016 we get a long overdue PowerShell cmdlet overall, with promises of more to come, things can only get better! and the SQL PowerShell community is getting more active as well (check out DBATools)

New SQL PowerShell Module info

Pinned Tabs on Separate Row

Keeping the query window from getting to full, we can now pin queries to a different row, really great for using RedGate SQL Search or RedGate SQL Source Control on another row, or anything you keep you going back to.

TOOLS -> Options -> Tabs and Windows = Tick “Show pinned tabs in a separate row”

Comparing 2 Query Plans

If you couldn’t get work to stump up for the pro version of SQL Sentry Plan Explorer you might been missing being able to compare query plans. Well no longer! you can now do it in SSMS with a few clicks!

Kenneth Fisher Blog post – Comparing two Query Plans