So our first outing into the world of DBA Gameification is over, I found it really fun and the feedback from the team has been good as well.

The first thing you may notice is that we didn’t finish after a week and made it two. this was because things like not logging into a server for a week is pretty easy, making it last 2 forces it to become a bit more a challenge to solve, while the option of month seemed like it could drag it out to long.

I wont post all the training extra activities or the points each member scored, but i will post the issues that came up, and link to the code I created to solve the issues:

Do not RDP into a Server Issues

In the end we needed to create solutions for these issues:

  • Check Service accounts
  • Disk space (Freespace, file sizes issues and folder sizes were issues)
  • Restart SQL Agent Service Account

Things Learned, Steps Taken

We ended up coming up with a couple of solutions to help resolve problems in the future without needing to remote in that are worth mentioning.

  • Enable PSremoting on all SQL instances (check with your Infrastructure team first)
  • Create scripts for all issues we had to remote in on
  • Remember that Windows Explorer can view remote server (\\Servera\c$)
  • Remember Configuration Manager, and most other Windows MMCs (Services, Computer Management) can connect to remote servers

Scripts Source Code

I will be uploading all the code to GitHub, some of its very rough,(you might find that more interesting than finished code) I will create a Development Folder and in there a folder “001 No Rdp Solutions” as i clean up the code and finish turning scripts into functions ill move them out of development folder.


For a first run at this i found it really interesting and fun, the points for external training or book reading fell by the way as everyone was more interested in keeping to the no RDP rule, but this may change as we evolve. Hope anyone who joined in had fun with it and let me know your thoughts or issues you came up with!