As part of the ongoing training at work I’m starting to set a weekly experiment much like Russ Thomas – SQL Judo does with hes Monthly DBA Challenge.. The idea will be that the team gets points for completing different training activities and the winner for the week gets brought lunch on a Friday!

Point System

(20 Points) Primary Task
(5 Points) For every chapter of a book read (Any IT book)
(5 Points) for Every video (Any IT video)
(10 Points) Blog post or knowledge share with the team

001 Primary Task

Do not log into a any Windows Server via RDP for the next week, any work you need to do on the server should be done via PowerShell remotely or T-SQL.

If you do log into a server its (-5 points)
If you then create a script to resolve why you logged in its (+5 points)

At the end of the week comment here (if you want to play along) with what you had to log in for, and we can try and find a solution for it together!

Next Monday I will post Gameification 002 and solutions we gathered up