I’ve been busy in my home life recently (with lots of exciting things happening) which has lead to me not blogging as much or keeping up with the ever changing database world.  With that I’ve come up with a plan for some more randomized learning instead of keeping to my usual posting/reading up on current work tasks, hopefully this will keep me entertained (and you as well!). My new learning strategy is:

  • Start blogging a reply to TSQL Tuesday. I’ve not done this yet, but is clearly a good way to work on a different subject each month.
  • Post a reply to Russ Thomas Monthly DBA Challenge, been on my todo list for to long now!
  • Attempt the SQLServerCentral.com Question of the Day quick 2 min task that is always fun!
  • Attend at least 1 user group a month (living in London, I’ve joined a number of Meetup groups but my attendance has been poor of late), maybe with a review?
  • Watch at least 1 chapter of a Pluralsight series a week (The SQL Skills team have posted a few recently so should be easy to start)
  • Read a chapter of technical book a night

Things id like to do but never seem to get to time on,  really need push on more with these:

  • Working on my labs at home, I got 3/4 of the way through building out my RedGate / Atlassian CI world and haven’t had a chance to finish it
  • Play around with SQL Server 2016 more, (lots of new engine features to play with and the new BI/SSRS stuff looks interesting to)
  • Play around with Azure more (you have a MSDN subscription you have Azure)

Notice all these are practical things sigh! I learn and remember things a lot better by doing, so really need to push harder on progressing these 3!

Does anyone know of any other daily, weekly, monthly challenges out there? any tips on how they keep up to date with the ever changing world of tech?


Kendra Little has started doing regular challenges as part of her subscription. This is rather awesome as she is one of my favorite SQL Server people! so well worth looking into!