Blog Posts of the Week 2016-02-12 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that I found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Ugly Pragmatism For The Win
Exploring Nano Server for Windows Server 2016 with Jeffrey Snover
The Top 4 Job Tasks DBAs Forget
It’s time that you – the vulnerable human – brush up on your social engineering skills with Pluralsight
Why ROWLOCK Hints Can Make Queries Slower and Blocking Worse in SQL Server
Minimizing impact of widening an IDENTITY column – part 2
Using SQL Sentry Plan Explorer to Shed Light on Estimated Execution Plans
Sliding Window Table Partitioning: What to Decide Before You Automate
and other pointless query rewrites

Time to Start Plotting My 2016 Database Design Book

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SQLSaturday #502 Edinburgh
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