Ive been tasked with looking at data quality at work and how we can best clean up dirty data in a reliable and regular way. My first thought was of course DQS.  With that I’ll be doing a series of posts on how to setup configure and run DQS for 2014 so i can record as i learn, and hopefuly help some else out as I go.


Lets start by installing DQS. Im using Developer edition, but for production you will need either BI or Enterprise (No standard edition here sadly)

To minimum of features needed to install DQS is the engine and DQS (I installed the client tools as well as im running it all from work station).


After your install is done, you then to run the DQS installer


Opens a command prompt which runs some checks


Enter a password for the Database Master Key and then retype and confirm


It then runs some extracting of files to confirm the database


I got tripped up here! Where it stopped, I presumed it was doing something in the back ground and nothing was happening. It was actually waiting for me click any button to let it continue. After I clicked the space bar I then got another wall of text as it created the 3 databases (DQS_MAIN, DQS_PROJECTS and DQS_STAGING_DATA) populated them with tables etc and configured some other wizardry.


At the end of the process you will be asked to Press any button to continue, which will then close the installer down and you are ready to setting up DQS.