Blog Posts of the Week 2015-08-14 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Excel Work with charts faster using selection pane & select object tools [quick video tip]
An interesting setting for NULL but don’t use it for future TIP #109
What’s Going On Inside Tempdb?
Why I still like Excel PowerPivot models in SharePoint however Tabular solutions in SSAS are better
Excel Format faster with paste special & double click
System databases maintenance in SQL Server
Transitioning from Excel Power Pivot/Query to Power BI Desktop: A Remarkably Smooth Road
SQL SERVER – Understanding the Basics of Write Ahead Logging (WAL) Protocol
Error Log: I/O Was Frozen On Database
SQL Server 2016 : Performance Impact of Always Encrypted
Steps to Improve ETL Performance Using SSIS
Replace Blank Values to NULL in SSIS
The Essential Guide to Database Monitoring
To AutoGrow or Not?
Multiple Table Queries in SQL Server – UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT, Subqueries, and Joins
Validate SSIS Scripts Before Closing the VSTA Window
Live Query Statistics in SQL Server 2016
SQL Sentry Grows in the UK and Beyond
Using Statistics Time for Performance Tuning in SSMS
Statistics IO for Performance Tuning in SSMS
Weekend Scripter: PowerShell 5 Overview Video
Visual Business Intelligence – It Takes More than a Good Name (or including ‘Good’ in your name)
Masking output in PowerShell
SSDT-BI and Visual Studio Online
Beginning T-SQL slide deck and recording – #SQLSatBR

Other Interesting Posts

Deep Habits: Process Trumps Results for Daily Planning
Leadership: A Name and A Principle
The Leadership Behavior Employees Most Want

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SQLSaturday #467 – Southampton 2015
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