Blog Posts of the Week 2015-07-31 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Lost Data
Microsoft and Database Lifecycle Management (DLM): The DacPac
The Essential Guide to Database Monitoring
Save time with custom ribbons in Excel [tutorial]
SQL SERVER – Knowing Which Database is Consuming My Memory
Iterate Over Web Pages Using Power Query
DBTA – StretchDB, a Cool New Feature in vNext SQL Server
My favourite books
ICYMI – Predicate Logic, Four Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner, Transact-SQL Bad Habits, Rewriting Queries to Improve Performance
Bad Habits Revival
Downloading SFTP Files with SSIS
How to highlight overdue items in Excel
Differences Between Actual & Estimated Plans
SQL Server – Sparse Column Property using SELECT INTO
SQL Server Database Mirroring Report
Start SQL Server in Single User Mode
Clearing Out a Database With SQL Compare
Using the DAC
Table Size Script Update for 2015
Cool Stuff about PowerShell 5.0 in Windows 10
Change operating modes for SQL Server Database Mirroring
SQL Server 2016 T-SQL Syntax to Query Temporal Tables
SQL Server Infernals – Circle 6: Environment Pollutors
Derik’s Favorite Trace Flags
Converting SUMs to SUBTOTALs (excel)
Beginning T-SQL slide deck and recording – #SQLSatBR

Other Interesting Posts

How to End Unproductive Studying
5 Painful Leadership Blunders Successful Leaders Avoid

Upcoming Events

SQLSaturday #411 – Cambridge 2015
SQLSaturday #467 – Southampton 2015
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