You may think that once you have deployed your SSIS project that you can no longer turn it to a Visual Studio Project to make changes, well thats simply not true and its actually incredibly easy to do as well. Just follow the steps below to either import the .ispac or from a deployed project on an instance.

Import .ispac into Visual Studio Project

Open Visual Studio

File -> New -> Project (Business Intelligence -> Integrations Serices)

Select “Integration Services Import Project Wizard”


Click next from the Import Project wizard


Select “Project deployment file” and then select Browse and point it to your .ispac.


It will now validate the pack and if you have set a password on the project, be asked to enter that.


Review and select “Import”


Hopefully should see a nice selection of Result Passed now to confirm the wizard work correctly Close and you are in your Project.


Import Project from SSISDB into Visual Studio Project

Is very similar in its steps, where we just change the the Select Source from a file to a Integration Services Catalog

Where you Select the Server you want to import the project from (I have select the localhost via =.) and then choose the project to Import from the instance.



You then just follow the confirmation steps to complete the process