Blog Posts of the Week 2015-06-12 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

New sp_AskBrent® Reports on Waits, Files, Perfmon Since Startup
Starting with Configuration Management? Be Realisitic With Your Expectations — Steven Murawski
007 – Midnight DBA : WaterOx Consulting
The Essential Guide the SQL Server 2014: The Resource Governor
T-SQL Query solution to ‎SSGAS2015‬ 2nd Question/Challenge – SQL Server Geeks
New course announcement: Enabling Continuous integration and continuous deployment with Visual Studio Online Build
Using the DAC with SSMS
PowerTip: Read NTFS File System Stream with PowerShell
Modifying the “New Query” template.
SQL SERVER – The Basics of the Execute Process Task – Notes from the Field #084
Getting File Properties using SQL Server Integration Services Add-In
Converting Rows to Columns (PIVOT) and Columns to Rows (UNPIVOT) in SQL Server
Learn Microsoft BI Stack
Reusing T-SQL Code
Extended Events, Birkenstocks and SQL Server
Senior SQL Server DBA non-technical interview questions
T-SQL Tuesday #67 – Extended Events for DBCC
A walk-through of creating the Activity Tracking template using Extended Events.
#TSQL2sDay: #Powershell and Extended Events
T-SQL Tuesday #67 : New Backup and Restore Extended Events
T-SQL Tuesday #67 – monitoring log activity with Extended Events

Other Interesting Posts

The First 100 Days of New Leadership
7 Ways the Most Productive People See Life Differently
Karen’s Rules for Being Lazy
Persisting SQL Server Index-Usage Statistics with MERGE
SQL Server Quickie #25 – the Transaction Isolation Level Read Committed
SQL Server 2016 Always Encrypted
Yet one more quick and easy performance tuning setting

Upcoming Events

SQLSaturday #388 – Edinburgh – BI Edition 2015
SQLSaturday #418 – Manchester 2015
SQLSaturday #411 – Cambridge 2015
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