Blog Posts of the Week 2015-05-01 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Change SQL Server log shipped database from Restoring to Standby / Read-Only
CONCAT and STUFF Functions in SQL Server 2012
How to rename a column when CDC is enabled
Spinach and Database Development- SQLSatExeter Keynote
BIML is better even for simple packages (Added to Curah BIML for the DBA
How to Get SQL Server Security Horribly Wrong
Server’s “Max Degree of Parallelism” setting, Resource Governor’s MAX_DOP and query hint MAXDOP–which one should SQL Server use?
TSQL – Change Data Capture
Approaches to deploying Sql Server database code
Running Powershell scripts remotely.
Understanding break, continue, return, and exit
The pain of Simple Parameterization in SQL Server
Playing with the Filestream storage on Sunday
Non Parallelizable operations in SQL Server
No Wireshark? No TCPDump? No Problem!
Configure Replication Of Database Which Is Part Of AlwaysOn

Other Interesting Posts

Forward My Good SysAdmin, Forward I Say! — Steven Murawski
Explore / Exploit

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SQLSaturday #388 – Edinburgh – BI Edition 2015
SQLSaturday #418 – Manchester 2015
SQLSaturday #411 – Cambridge 2015
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