Blog Posts of the Week 2015-04-24 Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Are Index ‘Included’ Columns in Your Multi-Column Statistics?
How to Recover a SQL Server Login Password
Understanding Cross-Database Transactions in SQL Server
The Read Uncommitted Isolation Level
PowerShell Start-Job
Forced parameterization to the rescue
SQL Server Query Performance After Index Maintenance for Reorganization vs Rebuild Operations – Part 2
Introduction to Team Foundation Server (TFS) Build for Business Intelligence (BI) Projects
Backup before you restore
Simplified Editing of Hosts file with PowerShell
Painlessly Get Data from PowerShell to Excel
SQL SERVER – How to Identify a DB is Using Cross Database Transactions?
Availability Groups, Agent Jobs, and #Powershell
Pssdiag Manager update released
SQL SERVER – Split Comma Separated List Without Using a Function
Convert Existing SQL Server Traces to Extended Events Sessions
How to find your worst performing SQL Server queries
PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio – Now Available
How to Get SQL Server Data-Conversion Horribly Wrong
SQL SERVER – How to View the Dirty Pages In Memory of a Database?
SSIS Design Pattern – Staging Delimited Flat Files

Other Interesting Posts

Hacker Detained by FBI after Tweeting about Airplane Software Vulnerabilities
I’m Too Busy To Test

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