Blog Posts of the Week 2015-03-27

Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

XP_CmdShell isn’t Evil
Power Pivot and Basketball Superstars: Many-to-Many and USERELATIONSHIP
Varigence Announces Biml Hero Certification
Better PerfMon reporting with Excel
Data Exposed goes to SQLBits!
SQL SERVER – Mistake to Avoid: Duplicate and Overlapping Indexes – Notes from the Field #073
Power Update Adds Email Notifications, Macro Support, and 100% Free Version
Questions Answered From Presentation (Part 2): Creating SSRS Reports Efficiently Through Best Practices
Dynamically Query a 100 Million Row Table-Efficiently
Powershell and Automating SQL Server Builds
Parsing XML Child Nodes and Converting to DateTime with PowerShell
SQL Server DML Triggers – Tips & Tricks – Part 3 (“Trigger debug”)

Other Interesting Posts

Isaac Asimov’s Advice for Being Creative (Hint: Don’t Brainstorm)
Deep Habits: Work With Your Whole Brain

Upcoming Events

UK SQL Server User Groups
UK SharePoint User Groups
UK Azure User Group
PowerShell User Groups