Blog Posts of the Week 2014-12-27

Finally back after a few weeks of not being able to to do the weekly run down. Hope you enjoy the links.

Tech Posts

Improvements for the DBCC CHECKDB command may result in faster performance when you use the PHYSICAL_ONLY option
NDC London 2014: Why TFS no longer sucks and VSO is awesome
Analysing Execution Plans With SQL Sentry Plan Explorer
Select * from yourtable… How bad is it?
Important information about Amazon EC2 instances running Windows Server 2012 R2
sp_BackupDatabases v1.3
Why You Simply Must Have a Date Table [Video]
Questions About T-SQL Transaction Isolation Levels You Were Too Shy to Ask
SQL Injection Issues–Password Hashing
Limit RESTORE to a single database
Parallel Foreach loops, one reason to use Powershell Workflow instead of SSIS
Thoughts in vNext deployment in Release Management
Playing with the log – VLF order while growing the log
What, When and who? Auditing 101
Machine Learning
Oliver Script: A Holiday Tale–Part 1-7
Querying in DocumentDB
Best of 2014: Top 10 Data Exposed Channel 9 Videos for Data Devs

Other Interesting Posts

The Best Leadership Books of 2014
How to Solve Five Issues that Sabotage Success
5 Leadership Lessons: Richard Branson on Leadership
12 Books That Every Leader Should Read: Updated
5 Steps to Developing Yourself As the Most Successful Leader in Your Organization
Goals, strategy and tactics for change
The Beauty of Code
Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Writing Tips

Upcoming Events

SQL Bits 2015!
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UK Azure User Group
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