As we tune our SQL notifications we currently get far to many “noise” emails that have to be filtered off. I wanted to keep these emails to track our progress in lowering the numbers and make sure nothing important does get auto moved into a folder (And speed up my load times for Outlook!). So decided to copy them all the Excel and routinly clear out the folder. My first thought was to use PowerShell but it turns out there is a much easier way built into Outlook to export your emails.

From Outlook open the File Ribbon Select Open on the left pange and press the Import button


Select “Export to a File”


Select “Microsoft Excel 97-2003”


Select the Folder you wish to copy all the emails from:


Select the location to Export to:


You can now customize the Mapping. (I dont bother and do any alterations in Excel) OutLookToExcel07

Click Finish and there you have it, all your emails loaded into Excel. From there you can cleanse the data and throw it in a pivot to see what’s trending.