Its a relatively simple process to re-configure a PsDiag execution set for SQL Server 2012/2014. below are the steps to configure a default build and make it run on a SQL Server 2014.

First open PSSDiag Manager selecting the OS Version (32, 64, Itanium) and SQL Server 2008


Click Save and ensure that Create CAB file is ticked and pointing the Filename to your chosen location


When it asks you choose the SQL version, you can pick either.


Go to the location of your saved file, open it (simply double click) and copy and paste the contents to into the folder


Now in a 2008 instance you could simply run pssdiag.cmd and start monitoring, if you tried to run it on SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014, you get any error like:


To fix it, open the PSSDiag.XML file and find the value in the <ConfigMgrVer> element. For below it would be



Do a find a replace for the number if you want to run it on a SQL Server 2012 instance change the number to 11, if you want to run it against the SQL Server 2014 change it 12. There should be 3 changes needed.


Now when you re-run the pssdiag.cmd it will run.