Blog Posts of the Week 2014-10-03

Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Windows 10 News

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 system with Start Menu
Agility and Windows 10: Upgrading my Surface Pro 2
Windows 10 and PowerShell 5
Activating your Windows 10

Tech Posts

Why don’t they make the optimizer faster? (An essay on nested views)
ABC Inventory Analysis using Excel
Using OUTPUT clause to track changes
Data Compression and Snapshot Isolation
SQL SERVER – ​Building Technical Reference Library – Notes from the Field #048
PowerShell Regular Expression (RegEx) Video Examples for SQL Server
SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 3 is available!
SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 4 is available!
Query Object Dependencies
Hey DBAs, Don’t Be Like the Secret Service!
C-R-U-D The Basics
Continuing the DSC Resource Kit Additions – Wave 7 is Live

Other Interesting Posts

Don Yaeger’s 16 Consistent Characteristics of Greatness
Keep It Simple Like Einstein
What Can Lean Learn From Systems Engineering?
Don’t Be a Project Superhero
You Cannot Mentor or Coach Without This
Man In The Mirror

Upcoming Events

UK SQL Server User Groups
UK SharePoint User Groups
UK Azure User Group
PowerShell User Groups
SQL Saturday #353 – London BA Edition
PowerShell Summit Europe 2014
SQL Server Days 2014