Blog Posts of the Week 2014-06-20

Here’s a collection of blog posts, videos and links that i found useful this week…

Tech Posts

Special note on this one! I did a post a few weeks about ripping out data from SQL Server and putting it into Excel, but ran into a problem of not knowing how to get the Headers out. Max has done it and i’ve learned a lot from it!

Quick example from the scripting guy on how to use PowerShell to Copy things to your clipboard

John Paul Cook tales a break from SQL and shows us a quick tip on how to boot your Windows 8.1 box straight to desktop.
New Windows Phone App for Sample Browser, giving us lots of codes examples to look through on the move.

Did you know you can skip loading a Profile in PowerShell? Learn how with this Idera Power Tip

As I’ve been looking at security, a timely post by Mr Fisher talking about permissions to tables / schemas

Another timely post, I was going to write a blog on checking for existing items before creating them, No need now, Jonathan Hickford has wrote an excellent post on Migration Scripts in database deployments

Versioning your database using Team Build and Release Management

The Latest update for Visual Studio Release Management allows you to use DCS, Matt talks us through it

Developers Life – Every Developer is Chhota Bheem

Other Interesting Posts

5 Tips To Overcome the Leaders Bias
Impact Mapping & Integrated Master Planning

Upcoming Events

UK SQL Server User Groups
UK SharePoint User Groups
UK Azure User Group
SQL Bits
24 Hours of PASS
PowerShell User Groups