Ive been going through the HTML / CSS class and its really fun! its easy to dip in and out off and i’ve found the format to be a great way to pick up learn HTML and CSS. With that I want to go back and clean up all of my post as im sure there is a bit of improvement i can do with my newly refined skills!


My other change to the site is to add a new Curah page. Its a new Microsoft web offering (Take a look here) that’s a bit like Pocket but instead of saving links for myself you can create a Curah on a subject and its free for everyone to use. I learned about from reading Grant Fritchey’s blog this week (Read Grants Post here) and i really like the idea, I have hundreds of links saved, either in bookmarks or Pocket and it will be much easier for me and hopefully helpful to someone else as well, if i can group them together and get them posted, so in the next few weeks im planning on adding that as a good go to resource.