Another note to myself that hopefully some of you may find helpful. On a lot of my VMs at home i get the Windows Activation error as they don’t always have internet access. when you do try and run  the activation via the gui that gets shown at start up it fails with error 0x8007232B.

The solution is to manually authenticate it via the command line:


slmgr –ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx


replacing the xxx with your license key. You get a pop up saying that the license key is valid and jobs a goodun!


If you arent lucky enough to have a MSDN license then you can always extend your free trail a few times with the command


slmgr /rearm


and if you want to see the current license information on your box you can via:


slmgr /dlv


More information on slmgr can be found on technet: