By default the order of files added to a SSMS project is dictated by the order in which you create or add them.

As I was building up my scripts to configure a new instance of SQL I decided to order a few of them due to occasionally trying to add notifications against job that don’t exist or setting schedules to things I hadn’t created yet. The problem is that the Project won’t auto sort and there’s no built in option to do so. So I ended up with this:


To fix the problem save the project and close it, open the *.ssmssqlproj file (It’s an XML file so can be opened in Notepad or whichever application you prefer.

Search for

  <LogicalFolder Name=”Queries” Type=”0″ Sorted=”true”>

 and update to

 <LogicalFolder Name=”Queries” Type=”0″ Sorted=”false”>

 Save the file and re-open the project in SSMS, it will now be sorted! and for good measure it also reverts back to Sorted=”true” so you don’t need to worry about going back in to update it.


Note – It looks to be case sensitive as well! so don’t use FALSE or you’ll get an error like: