Theirs no point trying to re-create the wheel and the same can be said with a lot of SQL Server tasks. CodePlex contains a lot of resources, I’ll keep this link up to date with my favorites.

Add some fancy Cmdlets, Modules and all sorts of other fanciness  to Powershell.

Troubleshooting tool that hooks into SQLDiag and PSSDiag.

Adds a lot of extra functionality to BIDS / SSDT (Yep it works with 2005, 2008 and 2012)

Another treat from CodePlex, Im growing to love policy based management and this download throws it to the enterprise and gives you a bunch of reports.

Jamie Thomson’s SSIS Report Pack. It allows you to drill down into the performance data of the new SSIS catalog and either use SSRS to report on it or run a SP. An introduction to the SP can be found here: